How We Grade Records

Mint (M)

Consider an M-rated record to be perfect. These are always sealed and never been played. Both the cover and vinyl will have no blemishes. These are definitely more valuable and can be great investments.

Near Mint (NM)

We often refer to NM records as “almost brand new”. You’ll be able to tell the record has been played (likely less than 5 times) but it should be glossy and without light scuffs and definitely no scratches. You should not hear any noise or distortion on these records. These records are good investments.

Very Good Plus Plus (VG++)

We are very careful about grading a record Near Mint so a VG++ record is at the nicer end of VG+ and (in our opinion) ALMOST Near Mint. :) These are excellent records for both playing and collecting.

Very Good Plus (VG+)

Most collectors look for records that are VG+ or better. You’ll have a hard time finding something major wrong with these records other than light scuffs from inner sleeves. You may hear some light noise or crackle. Covers will show light wear but will not be split or have major bends.

Very Good (VG)

Vinyl records rated VG are well played records with some pops/clicks/noise. They are definitely playable and should not skip but you’ll hear some noise for sure. These records are often referred to as “player copies”, i.e., if you’re a collector you’re going to have a higher graded record to “keep” and your player copy is one you play all the time.  Covers often have split edges or show heavy shelf wear.

Good (G)

Expect a record graded G to be in poor condition. You’ll be able to play it, but it will likely have multiple scratches and you’ll hear them big time when you play it. Coves that are G aren’t completely trashed but they will show heavy wear and may be taped or have major stains.

Poor (P) or Fair (F)

These records and covers are in poor condition (warps, scratches, skips, etc.) and you’ll likely not see any on our website unless it’s an extremely rare record.